The Day Hagan Tactical methodology utilizes a quantitative and tactical approach that Donald L. Hagan, CFA (the adviser’s co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist) originally developed in conjunction with Ned Davis Research.

The models have been designed to measure the levels of systematic and unsystematic risk vs. potential rewards that have been priced into different asset classes and securities. The risk/reward profiles are calculated for the global and U.S. broad asset classes as well as the sub-asset classes and sectors, including equity-focused, fixed income and alternative (non-correlated) assets.

The models incorporate time-tested indicators that mathematically evaluate a wide array of historically-based, economic trends, corporate fundamentals, price trends, business conditions, consumer and business sentiment and valuation to determine asset allocation. The objective is to overweight areas with the greatest probability of success and avoid areas of weakness.

Day Hagan believes that successful investing is a disciplined process of:

• Understanding the markets quantitatively
• Determining the appropriate mix of assets given this data
• Tactically allocating assets accordingly
• Does not rebalance to a fixed/static benchmark
• Cash is utilized as a defensive asset class

The Day Hagan strategy interprets the ever-changing market conditions and consistently adjusts the portfolio to seize opportunities in the marketplace in a rational, unemotional manner based entirely on the weight-of-the-evidence.


Arthur S. Day, Day Hagan Partner and Co-founder
Arthur S. Day

Partner, Co-founder, Senior Portfolio Manager

Donald L. Hagan, Day Hagan Partner and Co-founder
Donald L. Hagan, CFA

Partner, Co-founder, Chief Investment Strategist

Linda S. Brown, Day Hagan Partner and Co-founder
Linda S. Brown

Partner, Co-founder, Director of Operations, CCO

Arthur Huprich, CMT, Chief Market Technician
P. Arthur Huprich, CMT

Chief Market Technician

Robert Herman, Portfolio Manager
Robert Herman

Portfolio Manager

Jeffrey Palmer, Portfolio Manager
Jeffrey Palmer

Portfolio Manager

Regan Teague
Regan S. Teague

Investment Analyst

Jacob Pacini, Portfolio Manager
Jacob N. Pacini

Portfolio Manager

David T. Hatfield, Portfolio Manager
David T. Hatfield

Portfolio Manager

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