Day Hagan Asset Management believes that successful investing is a disciplined process of understanding the markets, determining the mix of assets that will work best at a given point in the cycle and tactically allocating assets accordingly.

Day Hagan utilizes a quantitative, model-based framework to evaluate and measure the systematic and unsystematic, risk/reward probabilities in the marketplace. The models provide the flexibility to seize opportunities in the marketplace in a rational, model-based, unemotional manner.

Our proprietary models incorporate time-tested measures that mathematically evaluate a wide array of factors that have historically influenced market direction. The message of our models ultimately defines our portfolios’ asset allocation. This allows us to identify areas of strength for investment as well as areas of weakness that should be avoided.

The models are designed to seek confirmation. When many diverse indicators are all providing a similar message, the potential for success is much higher. Our models’ weight-of-the-evidence approach provides a historically-based perspective on current risks and rewards.

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